Privacy Policy

Personal Contact Information

Bahrain Express may require you to provide personally Identifiable Information (PII) alongside with information related to the purchases and the in app browsing habits to identify and verify the user during orders delivery and to understand the needs of the customer in order to heighten the service level and increase its efficiency.

Web Analytics may be used by Bahrain Express to track and analyse traffic resulting from any of its advertising and promotional activities related to Bahrain Express. Bahrain Express may publish and share these statistics for the purpose of service improvement with third parties while preserving the confidentiality of the PII to maintain the privacy of the account users.

Bahrain Express will keep a record of the IP address that is automatically assigned to the devices in use by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) in our server log files. The IP address will be logged automatically upon visits to the site, visits frequency, timing and the pages visited.  Collecting IP Addresses is standard practice on the Internet and is done automatically by many websites.


Use of Information

Bahrain Express uses the PII to create user accounts, provide offers, promote the service and to charge for purchases made through Bahrain Express. Cookies may be used to enhance the users’ experience while browsing and or purchasing through Bahrain Express. Cookies may be employed to measure the effectiveness of certain advertising activities or obtain other market intelligence behavioural analytics to give the users a more personalized experience that match their interest and recommend products based on their purchase behaviour. Disabling cookies is possible; nonetheless, it will prevent the user from having an enhanced experience or utilizing certain features.

Bahrain Express has no intension of selling the users’ information to external parties without the user’s explicit consent. However, Bahrain Express may exchange PII within a necessary extent with third party vendors and service providers with whom Bahrain Express collaborates with to provide application-programming interfaces (APIs) and other functions related to the delivery of the orders. This is applicable to orders coming from both, Bahrain Express platforms or delivery orders coming directly from the vendors to their customers and that is to ensure the smooth flow of the operations and to make sure the end users are served efficiently.

Bahrain Express may use the Non-PII collected for any person given that it does not identify the user. An integration of PII and Non-PII is possible for research and analytical purposes. In the case of the merger/ combination of the PII in any sort of analysis, the results of the analysis and the sharing policy of the PII will be applicable. Bahrain Express considers IP addresses, server log files and other related information as Non-PII, except where we are expected to do otherwise under applicable laws and regulations of the land.

Users with a profile and users accessing Bahrain Express ordering portals will be obliged to provide an address along with other details necessary to process the order. This information will be shared with the vendor as part of the operational procedure, conversely, the information is confidential and vendors are not permitted to share them without the users permission. Bahrain Express will not at any point share or disclose any PII information with any of its business partners or affiliates or outside of its contractual obligations with any recognized governmental or private body unless enforced by a court order.