Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Bahrainexpress.net and our application, referred to hereinafter as our “Service”. In this page, we shall layout the major terms and conditions that we advise you to read thoroughly and understand before attempting to proceed with any purchase from any of the vendors on Bahrain Express Platform. If you are a minor under the age of 18, make sure that you have your guardians present during the purchase and aware of the terms and conditions of using this platform. We highly recommend a thorough read through to avoid legal implications resulting from the abuse or the misuse of this platform in any format deemed fraudulent, inappropriate or against the laws of the land. 

Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any point without prior notice, thus, we recommend a periodical review over this page to ensure that you agree to them. Using Bahrain Express platforms imply that you agree to the terms and conditions stated herein and the policies and procedures stated and followed by Bahrain Express in their operations.


Returning Policy

Bahrain Express does not control or take back items to the vendors once the customer accepts it. However, if the customer rejects the items due to a visible defect, the items will be replaced or the customer will be refunded. If the customer accepts the items and then decided to return them back to the vendor, you have to contact the vendor to check if they would accept the return or not. Once accepted, they will notify Bahrain Express and we shall verify the returned items with the customer to proceed with the refund if any.  

Debit, Credit and cash payments

Bahrain Express offers a variety of payment options for the users. If the user selected an online payment option, the page will automatically migrate to the payment portal where the payment process will continue and be complete. Items will only be handed to the user once the payment is complete by any of the methods desired by the customers and within the options allowed in accordance with Bahrain Express payment policy and made available or approved by Bahrain Express.

Security and protection of personal information

Bahrain Express takes confidentiality seriously and intends on up keeping the confidentiality of its users and vendors. We follow the most up to date cyber security procedures to prevent your information from being misused or even used by other unauthorized personnel’s. However, it is worth mentioning that even while partnering with a security agency, there is no 100% guarantee that the information could not be used or misused in any format.

Third Parties

We may from time to time utilize a third party or outsource certain agencies to conduct specific tasks. It is our obligation to inform you that this third party will only be granted access to the vital PII information if applicable for the purpose of fulfilling their duties under our contractual capacity.


Verification, amendment and updating details on platforms


Members may access their profile page on any of the platforms to change or update their details.

Settings may be used to change the language preference and the country of residence.

Guest users will be able to change the details as long as they did not confirm the order. Once confirmed, any changes must be communicated by directly contacting Bahrain Express Customer service contact number.