Delivery policy

Bahrain Express considers the email address as optional even when the guest user proceed with an order, nonetheless, the user will have to enter a valid contact number in the case that the customer has special instructions, or for identity verification procedures for the delivery of delicate or expensive products. Any identification method used by Bahrain Express may be shared with the vendor from which the user purchased the item(s) from.

In some cases, especially where payment is complete via an online payment gateway the delivery personnel can and will request the identity card of the order maker upon delivery to confirm the receipt of expensive items or orders exceeding a certain amount. A photo of the Identity card may be requested to avoid fraudulent acts and to protect our customers.

The delivery charge fee is a non-refundable fee and if the customer decides to return the items back to the vendor after receiving them from Bahrain Express, or any delivery representative of Bahrain Express or even directly by the vendor. The delivery charge will be deducted from the refunded items amount.